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Gaza is home to one & one-half million human beings: How do they live?

Photographs by Skip Schiel

January 15 - April 12, 2009

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Mon - Thurs, 10 A.M. - 4 P.M.
Sun 9 A.M. - noon

About the Photographer

For more than 5 years Skip Schiel has been photographing in the Gaza Strip, a narrow slice of land along the Mediterranean Sea that is part of Palestine. The Strip is currently under Israeli siege and attack; many feel this is not only a massive humanitarian crisis but a massacre.

The photos, all made before the current attacks but during much violence, show human beings struggling to sustain their lives and dignity. Interlaced with the photos are writings from Gaza residents and photos from and of them.

Furthermore, Schiel will offer his multi media presentation, "Eyewitness Gaza," on January 25, Sunday, 10 AM, and January 28, Wednesday, 7 PM at the church.

Photos are for sale, there is no charge for the exhibit or performances, and donations will be happily accepted. All proceeds will be shared with MA'AN Development Center in Gaza, a Palestinian organization working with children.

For More Information

Contact Mr. Schiel at 617.441.7756 or for more information. His photos and writing are at and