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These reflections on the life of Rev. Dr. Henry E. Horn were posted by visitors to the University Lutheran Church website after Pastor Horn's death in January 2007. To add to the collection, please email our webmaster.

Name: Jessica Crist
City: Great Falls, Montana, USA
Relationship to Pastor Horn: student, pastor, colleague, friend
Sent: 30-Jan-2007 07:40 AM

In 1978 Unilu celebrated 25 years of Henry Horn's ministry in that place. To those of us in our twenties, 25 years seemed like a long time, maybe forever. At that celebration we listened to stories of Henry's ministry, of Henry and Catherine's life and of their children. The joys and the struggles of campus ministry in a town-gown setting were evident. And Henry's contributions to church, campus and community were impressive, despite his modesty.

Almost 29 years have passed since UniLu feted Henry Horn for his achievements and bade him farewell as our pastor. And yet in the intervening 29 years of being "at large", Henry's ministry has been perhaps even more remarkable that it was before retirement. All over the church around the US I run into people who have been influenced by Henry Horn in his post-retirement work. His seminary teaching, his writing and his speaking have deeply touched more people than he will ever know.

As for those of us who know him, we will miss him dearly. Turner and I were last in Cambridge the summer of 2005, and we took our son Raphael to visit Henry and Catherine. Even on that excrutiatingly hot humid day Henry perked up when he began to talk with Raphael about college. Once a campus pastor...always a campus pastor.

We send our love to all.

Jessica Crist and Turner Graybill

Name: Karen Turley
City: Cambridge, MA
Relationship to Pastor Horn: Fellow parishioner
Sent: 29-Jan-2007 07:34 PM

Even though I never knew Henry as pastor of Unilu, I so looked forward to seeing him in church every week at the 9:00 service. Just his wonderful smile, his warm handclasp. His wonderful updates, during the announcements period, on former Unilu members near and far—their histories with us, their present lives, their gifts.

A nice and recent memory: last Sunday, the 21st, I was one of the people helping to serve food to the visiting St. Olaf Choir. Between the services, a group of them told me that Unilu was the "most Christian church they had ever visited." I saw Henry in the Alumni/ae room almost immediately after, and stopped to share what they had said. You all can imagine how overjoyed he was. I am so, so happy that I had the chance to share that with him.

"My life flows on in endless song,

Above Earth's lamentation—

It hears a clear tho' far-off hymn

That hails a new creation.

No storm can shake my inmost calm,

While to that rock I'm clinging—

If Love is Lord over Heav'n and Earth,

How can I keep from singing?"

Yours in Christ,

Karen Turley

Name: Susan Worst
City: Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
Relationship to Pastor Horn: parishioner
Sent: 29-Jan-2007 03:12 PM

Pastor Horn contacted me just a few days ago to give me some ideas for this year's edition of the Inkspot, University Lutheran's alumni/ae newsletter. He never stopped caring about the life of the congregation.

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