The Gallery at University Lutheran Church
66 Winthrop Street Cambridge, MA 02138 (617) 876-3256

"Vibration XXXVII (part spirit, part measurement)" by Carey Glenn Smith. Mixed media on canvas, 35” x 48”. Reprinted by permission of Carey Glenn Smith; all rights reserved.

Quantum Hue

by Carey Glenn Smith

October 29 - December 29, 2017

Gallery Hours

Tuesday–Friday: noon–5 p.m.


Saturday, November 12, 2017, 4-6 p.m.


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Artist’s Statement

The goals of the paintings are not to abstract or become a medium for new perspectives on known metaphor; rather, they must magnify the possibilities of the unseen world both metaphysically and derivatively, even quasi-scientifically. In the last sense, I refer to the potential of imagining the quantum world through the mind of a child. From a child-like perspective, the art seeks to focus attention on the concrete things we know to be objects, the same objects that we, none the less, incessantly infer and derive emotion both from and onto. We engage in these actions poetically and metaphorically regardless of our knowledge of the presence of illusion or the uncertainty of the process. It is both magical and scientific. I would imagine it to be difficult to go through life any other way. As a daily mode of existence, both in viewing a particular creation and in being a creator one's self, the practice is, in essence, the same.

The Vibration series focuses on such a central concept expressed through the juxtaposition of actual space [sculptural additions to canvas] and the illusion of space [two-dimensional elements of the composition]. Scientific and metaphysical theory indicates perceivable, solid form is an illusion or construction. The corporeal world is the combined interaction of vibrating strings and molecular elements allowing for the perceivable world or forming its underpinnings. The paintings are a metaphor, further extension, or representation of these concepts [they are actually all three]. The imagery derives itself from an imaginative conception of the micro-cosmic scale. The sculptural elements are organic, paralleling movement and energy of these smallest elements.

About the Artist

Carey Glenn Smith received a Master’s in Art Education from Lander University and a BFA in Studio Art along with a minor in Philosophy from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. He regularly exhibits paintings and prints throughout the New England and Southeastern regions of the United States. Additionally, he composes and publishes poetry, prose, and songs in whatever venue is the most magical. Glenn-Smith’s first collection of poems, Nouveau Memento Mori, was self-published. The second volume, Tithing All the Candor was released by Wintergoose Publishing. Recent publications that have featured his paintings and poetry include Penny Ante Feud, Nefarious Ballerina, Black Heart Magazine, and Fine Lines. He is formerly an Adjunct Professor of Art History at Piedmont Technical College. He now resides in Boston, Massachusetts where he is producing artwork, writing, and teaching Sculpture and Ceramics.