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photographs by Joanne Engquist and Liese Shewmaker

May 16 - September 21, 2003

Opening Reception:
Sunday, May 18, 10 - 11 A.M.

Strawberry Surprise in Fall Leaves
Photograph by Joanne Engquist
Used by permission of Joanne Engquist
All rights reserved

[photo of a strawberry amidst a background of fallen leaves]

Artists' Statement

This showing of photographs is one part travelogue, two parts soul-faring. Our travels took us to many familiar places where sabbath rhythms nurtured awareness of things often unnoticed. We explored new places, too -- among them museums and cathedrals, woodlands and parks. Throughout the travels, we found ourselves rediscovering the "sacramental possibilities of each moment." We invite you to view images of our journeys through London, Iona, and Germany.

-- Joanne Engquist and Liese Shewmaker