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photograph from exhibit

Singing in the Choir,
Aidan Stallworth

16" x 20"
Used by permission of Gretchen Ferber.
All rights reserved.

The Diversity of Spirituality

Photographs by Gretchen Ferber

May 12 - August 20, 2009

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Artist’s Statement

While an undergraduate at Duke University, I set out to see how people of the Duke community were spiritually grounded in the fall of 2006. I was studying both religion and visual art, and I naturally followed my academic passions. In such an intellectual environment as Duke is, I encountered a prevalent sentiment: that a well-educated society can evolve past religion. As a practicing believer, I wanted to see if people of the Duke community were spiritually motivated, and if so, in what ways. I sought participants of diverse backgrounds, all of whom volunteered to have their spirituality represented visually. The result of this project was not only a confirmation that many people have deep, spiritual convictions but also a realization that convictions provide the basis for a community of believers. In the photographs [in this exhibit], there are moments of vibrant movement and silence, ecstatic joy and solemnity. Adding to the intimate nature of these photographs are the words written by the participants themselves who reflected on the spiritual importance of their acts.

—Gretchen Ferber