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Images of Our World:
photographs by Don Gurewitz

February - April 2004

Floating Market, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Pegasus print, 16" x 24"
Used by permission of Don Gurewitz
All rights reserved

Floating Market, Mekong Delta, Vietnam


Artist's Biography

Don Gurewitz is an award-winning photographer and inveterate world traveler whose wanderings have taken him to more than fifty countries on five continents. He is a long-time resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and political and trade union activist. He makes his living as a machinist for General Electric Company in Lynn, Massachusetts, where he has worked since 1980. A periodic victim of "downsizing", his travels have for the most part been accomplished during periods of layoff from GE. His photographs have appeared in exhibits in the United States and Great Britain, and have been published in magazines, calendars, and books.

"For most of my coworkers the layoffs have been a disaster. I have been one of the lucky few for whom there has been a silver lining: it has given me time to travel. I have tried to take full advantage of this mixed blessing. I have been amazed and awed by what I have seen. I hope people will find in my images, not only the eye of a photographer and artist, but also the eye of someone with a social sensitivity, and the eye of someone who appreciates deeply the privilege of being able to see so much of the rich and varied cultures and natural places of our world."

--Don Gurewitz